Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Leesville Gap and CCCX

by Angela

Doug (my hubby) and I woke up at 4am so we can get up to Williams early enough to register. We arrived early and registered immediately.

I registered in the Womens 4 category and almost decided to switch to Womens 35-39. I found out that there was no one registered in that category but decided to go with Womens 4.

This road race was a tough one! It wasn't as warm as I expected. It was very bumpy about half way then it smoothes out after the second major climb. I got gapped pretty much on the first big sustained climb and kept on going on my own.

I pulled for many miles earlier on before the climb and powered through the bumps and potholes pulling the group. My quads were a bit filled with lactic acid. There was one feedzone at mile 50. I got one bottle and then realized they gave me a used bottle...the water tasted nasty but at that point, I'll drink anything!

I still had half a bottle left from my two bottles. It was lonely out there by myself and was really bummed to not have a group to work with specially in the flats. It would have been nice! The road went on and on and on then finally...the finish. T

his was really a good training race...

CCCX Mountain Bike Series
I wanted to test myself and see how well I recovered from the road race.

I woke up, prepared and once again off to another adventure with Doug. We got there pretty early but saw some riders getting ready to pre-ride the course which is a smart idea. I got ready and drank and drank.

My bike is old and does not have a water cage. I don't have a bladder so I drank like a fish before the race. I packed up 2 goos as my liquid.

I found out that my gears doesn't work and I have to really push hard with my thumb to get it half working. I tried to remember certain bad spots like the steep little pitch from the road to the dirt.

The race started and I hung behind Lori and another racer - third spot. I didn't bolt like I did lasttime...when we hit the short steep bank, Lori got off the bike and racers behind her got around her. I was now on second spot.

I was passed by two other racers, one on turns where I was conservative and another on the steep bank...I was enjoying myself in the course and really had a great time. Julie cheered on my last lap and talked to her for a bit after the race. I definitely plan on doing the whole series next year. Thanks to the people who work hard and their support on putting this race together.


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