Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Davis Crit

by Angela

I was ready for this race. Hydrated, had a really good warm up. I rode around the course several times and mentally prepared for the left hand turns.

Unfortunately, I made 2 mistakes.

First, I came in the start line late - meaning I was not in the front. When I went around the course, I thought I had time but when I got back - all the ladies had front position, I was at the back.

Second mistake, when the race started I clicked on my pedal thinking I was clicked on but realized I wasn't. Pedaled through but then had to look down to see my cleats....seeing the group gapping. So at the first corner, I was already gapped. I chased and chased. As soon as I caught on and was behind another rider, she then gapped so I had to try to go around her but a corner was coming up. I was gapped again it was just a nightmare to chase the group.

There was so much lactic acid on my quads and I was just maxed out. I got pulled out of the race. The course wasn't that difficult. I was drooling to be in the pack.

So, I got pulled out of the race by the official - but got a chance to do a little salsa dance for everyone before pulling out. Oh well!


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