Tuesday, April 03, 2007

De La Paz Coffee Pugs

by Dee

Some people just have coffee mugs.

Not me.

A few days ago Molly brought me 5 bags of Velo Bella Coffee to give to Abby and Shelly. One bag was for me. It smells AMAZING!!

I put it on the stairs.
I went out.
I came back home.

As I was putting the key in the door to open it, I thought, why does my house smell like a coffee shop?

I opened the door and found out.

My evil pugs had attacked and mauled the coffee and strown it all over the front entrance. Coffee beans were EVERYWHERE!!!

I have no idea pugs liked coffee, but apparently it drove them into a pug nip frenzie!

They completely destroyed 3 bags. 2 bags escaped unharmed.

I gathered up all the unharmed coffee beans in the ripped up bags and kept them for myself, gave Abby one bag and I am giving Shelly the other bag on Monday. Maybe they were trying to get the cat on the label?


But my coffee pugs are fine. I thought they'd be wired and peeing all over the house - or worse....but nothing else happened.

And the coffee is INCREDIBLE!!!!

Can we get more?


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