Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Martinez Bath

by Erika


Ass-handing. That's about it.

It took me about two laps to feel comfortable and to be off the back.

And you would think that after so many laps I would learn to avoid the two puddles down the middle of the road. Move just a little to the left or right, not like I was fighting for position in my group of three, or was it two? But every lap, swooosh right up into the face but it was okay, washed away the drool.

Finally my little group of two (or was it really just me?) hooked up with a few other riders and we went around in circles very pleasantly. Splish-splash. I took one corner wide and seemed to be heading for the ATM but managed to get back on course.

Finally after getting lapped I pulled out and sloshed my way to find Linda and her always soothing words. I stood in the cold and cheered on Mary and Ryan who were doing exceptionally well. Then I went to the car to change.

It's hard getting out of a soaking tight skinsuit in the backseat of a Toyota King cab surrounded by wheel bags and trainers. I didn't have a towel. All I could find to dry myself were napkins that Linda takes from cafes and restaurants. I rubbed and rubbed but i just got little white wormy things all over me. They're not very absorbant, really, those napkins, not like you'd expect them to be.


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