Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A lovely day to ride around the Lilies!

A lovely day to ride around the Lilies!

By Dee Dee

First of all, the weather and scenery were fantastic. The course was winding in and around these small ponds that were developed in 1917. This is a nursery of sorts and I assume you can buy all kinds of somewhat rare but sought after plants. Truly amazing! There were over 250 participants which for a race that was on a competing day with NY seems like a great turnout and not to mention that it was to benefit Ed Sander, a fellow cyclist killed a few years ago.

The course was a bit muddy, for the day prior had seen some rain and clouds, but the sun was out making for another spectacular day of cross. I pre rode the course a few times and the first time through I felt like my legs were blocks of concrete, next time through like there was a piano on my back. My husband was sick and I was wondering if I was becoming ill with whatever virus he had. I hopped on the trainer for about 20 minutes trying to ride that piano right off. Sometimes if I sweat enough it seems to slide off like a piece of melting ice. The B Men finish their race and I jaunt back over to the course for another try. Whew, little better, the piano is gone and there are definitely circles being spun by my legs, woohoo!

We line up at the start, whistle is blown. I get to the grass first and hammer my hardest. The beginning of the course was pretty windy and I didn't want my competitors getting a free ride. Over the barriers, I have a gap, put my head down and go. I look back a few times but try to increase my lead every pedal stroke. The fans were cheering up every hill and around the turns. They were so supportive out there! It seemed like every time I would try and take a breather someone was there cheering only to keep pushing the pace. After the 2nd lap, I felt I had really found a groove through all of the puddles and mud patches, up the run up and down the other side. Buck yelled this lap was 10 seconds faster, sweet. I actually felt like I had exerted much less effort that lap but it was b/c I found the right gears and the best line and you actually do roll more quickly.

Today was a day for compliments. The fans, supporters, and even the other riders were very gracious today. I want them to know how much it means to hear those things. Thank you guys very much and for your encouragement regarding this week's upcoming race in Gloucester. Take home note for the day: No matter how trivial it may seem, never deny someone a compliment.


Dee Dee “Grasshopper Winfield


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