Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kona's 24 hour global snow mountain ranch race

I just completed this 24 hour race near Winter Park, Colorado. I placed 2nd female and now that its over can say I had fun.

My body is brutally aching but I'm on that post race high. It was super cool to have my Velo Bella jersey on because it was recognized by all the Kona guy riders who offered words of encouragement when they passed me. I would have worn it on the podium my quite frankly it was a little stinky and a lot muddy.

So I rode 210 miles in the 24 hours and 15 loops. The first several were brutal because of all the mud and I only had one bike so my boyfriend/mechanic/support crew was working hard for the duration too trying to keep my bike running. Wow, most of the girls had 3 bikes which would have made it a lot easier. So considering that I feel pretty good about my solid 2nd place. Anyway just thought I'd brag a bit. thanks for reading - cat morrison


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