Monday, August 21, 2006

Update on Lieselot Decroix in Europe

19 year old Velo Bella-Kona racer Lieselot Decroix has been keeping me up to date on some of her racing back in Europe and thought I would share a few details with everyone.

Two weekends ago:
Here in Belgium I'm doing fine...last 2 weeks we've got great Belgian weather with day in day out heavy rain and 50 degree-weather! 100 degrees sucks but 50 in the summer does too hihi!
Anyway, I've done already a couple races back here in my velo bella-Kona kit, it's really cool and people look at me like: where the heck does she come from? Some even start talking to me in English and then if they're mad at me I pretend I don't speak dutch haha! But I already experienced the aggressive and dangerous way of riding and especially acting on their bikes...push here, pull there, crash here, crash there, "bitch" here, "you stupid a$$hole" there...gimme the friendly American way of cycling, I like that better! Yesterday I finished 6th in an international race, I was in a break with 6...4 professional girls from the Netherlands and one other Belgian with legs like Kellie's and they road so freakin fast, I could barely hang on with them but I stayed with them...Velo Bella-Kona in europe!

This past weekends race:
"Yeah, people look kinda interested in the kona-bike, no one has ever seen a yeah...and yesterday i was in a break with 2 for like 20km and every time I passed the finish line the guy with the mic said/ there's our American girl "lieselot decroix" (pronouncing my name completely Belgian!!!) it was hilarious! cause I have the us license, they were confused I guess...well on 10km of the finish the peloton took us back, but at least I showed the velo bella colors!
I got 14th overall in the sprint should have seen the weather: insane! the first 35km, it was raining so hard that you couldn't see the girl riding in front of you! We even missed a turn in the race cause we didn't see the turn haha! It was so freakin dangerous!!!!"
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At 6:49 AM, Blogger Panta said...

I have a beautiful Lieselot's photo on Col du Mollard July 10th
where can I send you?


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