Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Redlands 06 - fast and furious

Redlands Classic was this past weekend.
We had some tough battles to start with (warm weather, smog, shorter race, and Amber Neben).

The Bella's held it together even though they were out numbered. Kele did a great job of being active in the Crit and took a big shot at a solo break away with about 6 to go, to only have Tmobile recognize her as a threat work hard to not let her go.
In the Circuit Race, Kristin D worked hard in the chase group to finish a respectable 24th at one of the toughest races around. Jen J and Jane Z did great and remaining near the front and safe through the crit and helping Kele and Kristin whenever possible. Nicole suffered due to asthma induced by the valley smog and had to sit out the event.

Check out Kele's write up on her 3 blogs about the race:
Sunsets are Beautiful

Redlands Crit

Uphill Time Trial

We also saw 2 junior Bellas do well in the kids crits. In the 7 year old category where Kat Baty took 2nd place, and Mary Ellen in her first race finished mid pack for the 9 year olds.

Pictures and a Video coming soon.


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