Tuesday, July 03, 2007

NY Bella Linda Tersegno wins 2 BRONZE medals at National Senior Games, Louisville, KY

by Kate

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Linda's report of the National Senior Games, Louisville, KY June 23-28, 2007:
I had no idea what to expect in Louisville and feel like I did really well!! I finished 8th out of 23 riders in the 5K TT, 4th through 7th places were close, I was out from the winner by about 35 seconds though. The 10 K time trial I moved up one spot to 7th place. Both earned ribbons anyway. Very nice courses in a closed park.

The road race was really a circuit race course. Very winding, up/downhill (scary!) 2.4 miles loop on a pretty park road. I had never raced this type of course so I stayed near the front due to 4 bad crashes we witnessed in Mike's race. I really had doubts about doing the 40K event at all. But it was fun really! I placed third with a photo sprint finish. The same happened in the 20K road race on the same course, but not with such a close finish. We had lapped riders from another age group and they were at the finish line area with 3 of us and it was too crowded.

It must have been the jersey that helped!!

Final results for Linda:
Bronze in the 20K RR
Bronze in the 40K RR
8th in the 5K Time Trial
7th in the 10K Time Trial
Congrats, Linda!!


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