Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Surf City Afterthoughts

The ladies write:

Thanks to all of the great people that were involved in today's event!

The Fresno Bellas decided at the last minute to join the festivities and we are so glad we made the trip. It was our first cross event ever; we borrowed bikes, learned to shift, adapted to those crazy egg beater pedals and boy.......was it worth it! We had a blast.

We donned our lei's and rolled up to the starting line amongst our fellow teammates, all of which were incredible encouraging. With only 2 miles of mountain biking experience under my belt, I was a bit worried for those around me.I won a super cute Pearl Izumi jersey and Liz took home the Lemond! Thanks for coordinating such a beginner friendly race!


As always - you guys rock!!
If you have not already heard the news - we are the second coming! We not only threw a great race but we wowed the UCI -no mean feat!

I want to thank everyone who came out, not just yesterday, but for the whole series. We could never do what we did without all of the wonderful and dedicated help we have. I for one, am most thankful to all of you for spending your days in the trenches doing what ever it takes to put on such fabulous races - and with frizzle frazzle too!! How many otherclubs/promoters can do that, I ask you!

Untill next time,
-Amy (I never want to see a waiver again) Hall

Hi Bellas and Fellas and everyone that made Watsonville happen:

I'd like to send my thanks out to everyone that worked their arses off to put the race together. The course was outstanding, one of the best I've ever ridden, the vibe was second to none. Everyone in their grass skirts and officials in leis made me smile. It seemed like the weather was in on the tiki theme, next year how about igloos and polar bears?
one million thanks

Yay, Bellas!
I loved my first cyclocross experience on Saturday--every time I think about it I get this big sh*&-eatin' grin on my face (and my imitations trying to get myself and my mtb over barriers have convulsed everyone in my office).

True confession: this roadie was TERRIFIED after pre-riding the course. I ride my mountain bike maybe 5x/year and don't really quite have the hang of clipping into spd pedals (or not crashing). So my first lap was pretty tentative--mostly about staying up and not taking anyone else out. On my second lap, I started to think about moving up and passing people. On my third lap, I finally rode that loose dirt section w/out having to dab. On the final lap, I was downright aggressive (so much so that I finally took myself out in one of the corners).

Thank you for the first-timer kit, the friendly advice, and the generous cheering. I'll be back next year!

What a way to finish up my birthday:
Loved meeting so many bellas, listening to training talk and getting my first experience of 'crossracing ... I am definitely hooked and looking forward to racing on "Julius," the gorgeous orange Lemond I was thrilled to win! I haven't stopped talking about the Bellas, the race ... and of course I'm now sleeping with Julius in my Surf City tee. BTW: the food was incredible!
-Fresno Bella 'Liz


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