Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Big Blue 24Hr Lake Tahoe Adventure Race

October 7-8, 2006

We actually finished in 20-hours, and I set a new personal record for chammy-time. All I can say is the Hincapie chamois and the Sheila Moon (racer back) bra can seriously go the distance.
We started in Carson City, Nevada and pushed our bikes over the mountains to Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe:

More than anything I was excited about eating every hour for 24 hours:

Yeah, there is such a thing as a 3-person kayak. This was more of a scenic tour boat than a lean mean race machine:After a little paddling it was back to dirt (via some pavement). I have no idea what the heck I'm doing in the middle of the road:

Fall colors were great. Not sure why I look somewhat pained in this photo. I thought that started after the sunset:
Mark, our navigational God, seen here preparing for what became an epic run-hike-scramble-walk-crawl: Grant found time to take self-portraits during the race. Bad jokes, good stories, and a smile at 2am help keep you moving:
With our bellies full of chocolate and other goodies we barely noticed the temparature drop below freezing. Not.
Sunday 5:30am. We finished. La la la.


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