Monday, August 07, 2006

My Downieville Race Report: You know you're slow when...

1. the motorcycle sweeper rides up to you and asks if there's anyone left riding behind you.

2. you pull into the finish and someone asks you "Mo, what happened?!"

needless to say, riding for an hour or two twice a week for the last six months hasn't exactly helped me make gains on last year's DVille time. needless to say adding a whopping 45 mintues to last year's finish time has just a certain way of making you all warm and fuzzy inside. not. (which, by the way, they managed to add an ADDITIONAL full half hour to in the final posted results-- I came in at 4:15, not 4:50. hey, I'm not THAT slow!!). Let's just say the Sierra Buttes are beautiful when you're going slow enough to actually look around.

I did however, have a great time and repeated my no-flats, no-crashes success, and pulled in front of the last girl in my category on the downhill, finishing 30 minutes in front of her. So here's to small victories, working 10 hour days, commuting an hour each way by train every day, and finishing my damn business degree by December. didn't we talk about life-bike balance on this list a couple weeks ago? LOL. guess life is winning over bike right now.

But here's also to being happy, sore (gotta love a quad-paralyzing minute long ordeal in the middle of 3rd divide), tucking my ego away in the name of riding an amazing course like Downieville, drinking good beer and being surrounding by a bunch of awesome friends.

'till next year.



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