Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hamilton Crit (MT State Championships)

by Tina Whitfield

Just a short race report for this one (say it isn't so!!), but it was by far the funnest, and the best race I've done all year - and I didn't even win! I felt good - my legs felt great - it was just an amazing amazing race.

The course is about a 1/2 mile L-shape in downtown Hamilton, MT - one of those little hamlets with mountains in the background - very scenic, very cool.

I had so... much fun after my butterflies chilled out... Zoe (Bella - Cat 3), Jane (Great Divide and my arch nemesis), and I were off the front the whole race - okay, so the field shattered and we were the race, but still - it was WAY COOL. Zoe took off at the bell for the last lap and we couldn't bridge up to her. Jane and I came down to the sprint for 2nd and 3rd - and it was an all out sprint - i missed it by about 6 inches. And I was gaining, so if that finish had been another foot away, I'd have gotten it. I must have been in too big of a gear or I was maxxed out already when I came around the last corner, cuz Ed said I didn't have my usual jump.

There needs to be more of those during the season in this state. What a blast. The State TT championship is this upcoming weekend and is more kinda of like - oh, okay. It should still be fun, but not that kind of adrenaline rush. A whole different personality came out during that last lap of the crit- I might even have to give her a name... It didn't matter what my body felt like - it was going to do what she said!!! :) hee hee heeee... I think Zoe was right when she told me she thinks I found my race...

Wish I had photos, but my podium boy didn't pull out the camera - so sad!



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