Monday, August 07, 2006

Good times in Downieville...and a broken helmet

by Kim Heiser

I'm contemplating a full race report but the short and dirty is that on Saturday during the Downhill portion of the All-Mountain competition I had the hardest fall I've ever had to date. I was probably doing about 30 + MPH on 3rd divide when my hand came off the bar, lost control of the bike, and fell head first into the dirt followed by a full left sided skip and slide. Thank God for helmets is all I can say.

Mine is a dead soldier. I rung my bell pretty hard, gathered myself up and slowly finished the rest of the downhill race. Then I went straight to First Aid and the Clinic where I told them I'd prefer to not have the stitches they wanted to give me on my hip. So I'm pretty banged up and scraped up from shoulder to hip where I too have a "goiter" now. I
instantly thought of Sabine and Julie. Hah hah. So I skipped the XC since my helmet was broken, my bars have a crack and a bolt is missing out of my stem and oh yeah the fact that I could barely roll out of my tent Sunday morning. At least nothing is broken.


Heal fast Kim! We're sending you Bella beams...


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