Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dunigan Hills RR

by Monica Neilson

Brei from NZ and I traveled from my house in Brentwood to the metropolis of Yolo for this little road race Saturday. A rural drive thru Rio Vista, hwy 12, 113 up to Woodland and then Yolo. Good chance for Brei to see the flat lands up here. Exciting, I'm sure :)

We met up with Erin while we were cruising around waiting for our start time. Velo Bob was a little behind - shocking I know! There were 6 or 7 Palo Alto girls, four Proman, a smattering of Metromint. & three Touchstone climbers. Amber Rais was the only Webcor and T Diddy was the lone McGuire chickie.

Erin's working on her fitness for her favorite season - Cross - so she told us her high end fitness wasn't there yet. Our plan was to stay near the front, cover the attempts to break and land either Brei or myself in one.

There were a few efforts to get something off, each time one of us was on it but nothing was sticking. Molly from Metromint rode away, no one gave chase. Soon a teammate of hers jumped, someone hollered at her for "chasing her own teammate." They dangled up there for a bit when a few others jumped. I was stuck along the centerline and couldn't get out. A few of us near the front started an effort to trade pulls when Brei jumped from the group to bridge. I tried to hang near the front to keep chasers at bay. In the distance I could see Brei closed the gap. Good for her!

The break consisted of someone from every team, Palo Alto, Touchstone, Proman, VB, Metromint & Olympic Clib so the only ones in the group to really work were Amber Rais & or T- Diddy both knowing no one was going to help them. Amber worked the front for a bit but we got up there to block her efforts. After a bit it was clear the break stuck and nothing much was going to happen.

Things got really boring here. I sat on the front and talked to people, it was kind of like, a mellow group ride. Boring, boring. As we neared the finish things livened up a bit. The field sprint was a little dicey with the narrow, bumpy road but everyone stayed up right.

I was so excited when I saw Brei and raised my hands in the air saying "well, what happened?" I won, she says. YAYYY! Too cool. I guess India from Touchstone led out the sprint with Jenny Tafoya on her wheel. Brei got around both of them before the line. Jenny was 2nd & India 3rd.

Good stuff!


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