Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rain & Pain at the Monterey Circuit Race

By Suenago

The temp at race start was a balmy 48 degrees. It was a small field in the CAT3's. Only 11 of us. But, the same gals who pretty much dominated the McPain race were there, so the writing was on the wall, sort of speak.

I hung in tight when the break went at the steep climb on the back side during lap #3 (the first prem lap) but 3 gals (one from Village Peddler, Mint something and a Cal Berzerkely racer...the 3 I alluded to in the first paragraph) got a short gap on the down hill and sprinted for the $$$ and by gosh..they just kept powering away. I had a feeling that was the major break because the 3 major players were in it...and it was.

So, 5 gals and I were in the chase group that never got them. Gordon said the 3 were working really well together and taking short pulls to keep us at bay. Anyway, the RAIN started on lap #5. Not a little drizzle mind you. This is full on...freezing rain. Now, if I had only 1-2 laps more to do and not 5 (which would have been at least 30 more minutes), then it would have been a no-brainer. But, I wussed out and did what I have never done before and called it a day prior to hyperthermia setting in, or needing another round of antibiotics because of bronchitis.

But, my heroines are Kim and Ann who were still powering along in the CAT 4 race when I was pulling out to go home. You gals ROCK. Can't wait to hear about their race.


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sue is ... like the toughest chic ever.

i was lucky 'nuff to see her n' Gordo in the french alps awhile back. they are crazy strong, crazy epic ridin fools.

only the threat of pnuemonia/coma/sniper fire would keep either of them out o' a race.

good on 'ya chicka.

see you at the next un.

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